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Cruise ferry «ROMANTIKA»

Task: Control and automated accounting of fuel consumption at 4 main engines, 3 diesel generators, 2 boilers. Monitoring of the amount of fuel pumped over the ship. Installation of a fuel additive dosing system. Monitoring of bunkering (fuel intake to the vessel).

Solution in 2 steps:

Stage 1. Installation of a differential fuel consumption control system for 4 main, 3 auxiliary engines and 2 boilers. Monitoring of the fuel stock pumped from tanks by means of a linear meter. Implementation of a fuel additive dosing system depending on the main engine fuel consumption. Information output to operator panels 20 inches in the CPU and Bridge. Pairing with a GPS module. Information processing program on board. Installation of the module for transferring information to the customer’s office. Office program for monitoring and analyzing fuel and marine energy consumption.

Stage 2: Installation of a system for monitoring bunkering (receiving fuel on the ship) in real time. The system has passed metrological verification and is linked to the main fuel consumption metering system.

Thanks to the installed system, the vessel received an expanded reporting form and operational data exchange between the vessel and the office. Fuel consumption reports are automatically generated and displayed in the office in real time.
The system also automatically calculates the optimal operating modes of the vessel in various conditions, identifies the points of increased fuel consumption. After collecting data for a 6 month cycle, it was possible to optimize costs and save up to 5-7% at each transition, compared to previous periods.

The verified bunker control system helped to challenge the moment of the lack of fuel from the bunker operator and in general disciplined the bunker operator.

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