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Breeze Marine Group OÜ

We are the leading manufacturer of FCM system

Breezemarine Group Ltd. was established in 2008.  The  company’s offices are located in St. Petersburg and Tallinn. Breezemarine is an engineering company of professionals carrying out both onshore and offshore projects Since 2011, we design and install integrated innovative solutions in the automation of fuel and energy metering, vessel efficiency metering and fleet monitoring systems.

BREEZEMARINE GROUP is a cutting-edge fast-growing European company specialized in general technical supply, engineering development and marine services for the fleet.

Over ten years of experience in the maritime industry, we have earned the trust of customers around the world. We constantly monitor trends in the maritime industry and integrate them efficiently.

We have offices in several countries, which helps us to quickly respond to any challenges faced by the fleet.

10 years of experience on dry-cargo ships, tankers, cruise ships and fishing vessels

Due to our vast experience in the development and imple- mentation of various engineering solutions for the fleet, our company has installed automation systems for fuel and energy metering on various ship types including: ferries, cruise liners, tankers, bulk carriers , dry-cargo ships , fishing vessels, special vessels. We constantly upgrade capabilities of the systems and meet the actual IMO requirements. System components are provided with type approval certifi- cates from the leading classification societies – IACS mem- bers.


Our head office is located in Tallinn, Estonia.


We also have a branch office in Russia.


We also have a branch office in Ukraine.

Our achievements

Chemical tanker «Sichem Mumbai»

A task

Fuel consumption control for the Main Engine. Installation of a fuel additive dosing system.

Problem identified

Non-transparent reporting system for fuel consumption


Installation of a differential fuel consumption control system on the main engine. The system for supplying fuel additives was developed and implemented, taking into account the instant fuel consumption.


Thanks to the system, the crew, office and operator of the vessel received a complete picture of reporting on the main engine fuel consumption and were able to establish such load conditions at which the fuel consumption of the Main Engine was reduced by 10% -12%.

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Ferry “Wrango”

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Chemical tanker “Sichem Mumbai”

Task: Control over fuel consumption for the Main Engine. Installation of a fuel additive dosing system. Problem identified: Non-transparent reporting system for fuel consumption Solution:…
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